A healthy lifestyle is the best weight management strategy to lose weight permanently and healthily

When it comes to losing weight, it’s best to do it the healthy way. Weight management is a lifestyle that incorporates the principles of healthy eating and active living. Here are simple things you can do every day that can help you achieve permanent weight loss because we don’t want to lose weight, only to gain it back the next day, learn more about steel bite pro supplement.

1. Balance Your Food Choices

Caloric balance is the key to managing your weight. You do not have to give up your favourite foods just because they are high in calories.

The recommended daily calorie intake for females on average is about 1600 calories per day (kcal/day). An average man needs about 2000 kcal/day.

When you eat more calories than what your body uses or “burn off”, these extra calories will be stored as fat in your body, leading to weight gain. If you want to lose weight, the number of calories you consume must be less than the number of calories burned through physical activity.

To balance your calorie intake you can try one of the following:

Smaller serving sizes

Exercising portion control by reducing your food intake can help you lower your calorie intake so that you do not consume more calories than you burn. Some things you can try are using a smaller serving plate, sharing desserts and packing home leftovers if you can’t finish your food, try out Nutrisystem for better results.

Budget your calories

If your favourite foods are high in calories, you do not have to give them up just because you need to lose weight. Furthermore, studies suggest that avoiding your favourite foods altogether often make them irresistible and may cause you to give in to food cravings and perhaps overeating. What you can do is to include them but make sure you eat within your caloric allowance. If you choose to have a high-calorie meal, choose a lower-calorie option for your next meal so that your total energy intake does not exceed the number of calories you need in one day. If you are meeting your friends for a buffet in the evening, try to have a healthier meal for lunch, and eat more fruits and vegetables instead.

2. Watch What You Eat

Healthy food does wonders for the body. Be mindful of the food choices you make and select healthier options whenever you can. Here are a few simple rules to bear in mind:

Abandon the refined grains! Switch to wholegrain foods

Whole grains can help you manage your weight as they help you feel full faster and keep you feeling full longer. This is because wholegrain foods are higher in fibre, which provide bulk. In addition, they are generally digested at a lower rate; hence prolonging the feeling of “fullness”. You can include a wide variety of wholegrain foods (e.g. wholemeal bread, brown rice and oats) in your diet. Be sure to look out for the Higher in wholegrain Healthier Choice Symbol when shopping for groceries.

Choose and prepare food with less fat

Cutting down on high-fat foods will reduce your intake of daily calories and promote weight loss/prevent unnecessary weight gain. Did you know that 1g of fat contains 9 calories while the same amount of protein or carbohydrate only contains 4 calories?

When you cook:

  • Choose low-fat oils like sunflower, soya bean, corn, canola and olive oil.
  • Cool soups, stews and curries to remove solidified fat.
  • Choose high-protein lean meats and poultry and remove any fat or skin.

When you’re eating out:

  • Choose plain rice over flavoured rice (e.g. chicken rice, nasi lemak, nasi briyani).
  • Avoid dishes with coconut cream or coconut milk as these dishes are high in calories (e.g. curry chicken, laksa).
  • Order soup-based dishes (e.g. Yong Tau Foo, Sliced Fish Soup).
  • Remove fat and skin from meats (e.g. fried chicken).
  • Choose plain rice over flavoured rice or better still, choose brown rice. In addition to the health benefits of brown rice, it can help us feel fuller for a longer time as well.