Introspect is my first exhibition; it opens Friday 11 September at HOT SOUP! Gallery in Fremantle.

The show includes 20 paintings, all on wood, made using acrylic, spray paint, found objects and lots of great music. I have been working on these paintings for the last 18 months and am looking very forward to showing them.

Below are some photographs from the journey, as well as the synopsis for the show.

See you there, hey?

Nathan, 29 August



IMAG3472 IMAG3601 IMAG3552 IMAG3502


_MG_8451-2 _MG_8426 IMAG3408 IMAG3393 (1) IMAG3372 (1) IMAG3364 IMAG3347 IMAG3334 IMAG3303 IMAG3302 IMAG3266 IMAG3200 IMAG3198 IMAG3160 IMAG3155 IMAG3151_1 (1) IMAG3150 IMAG3106 IMAG3084 IMAG3081 IMAG3035 IMAG3024_1 IMAG3012 IMAG3008_1